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Article Can I change the main domain name under my shared hosting account?
Yes, you can have it done by us. Please submit a ticket with your request at our Technical...
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Article Can I get dedicated IP for my shared hosting account?
Yes, you can order additional IP address. It costs $12/year. FYI: shared hosting packages...
Views: 417
Article Can I use JSP on your shared hosting servers?
Unfortunately JSP (JavaServer Pages) cannot be used on our shared hosting servers.
Views: 363
Article Can you help me to transfer my web site from my current hosting provider to my new account with you?
Yes, we can help you with transferring your websites to us. The transfer requests are queued up...
Views: 307
Article Checking account resources usage in cPanel.
Due to the fruitful cooperation of CloudLinux kernel distribution and cPanel control panel, users...
Views: 378
Article cPanel to cPanel account transfer from another hosting provider
This tutorial will help you to speed up the process of your cPanel account transfer (websites,...
Views: 297
Article Do I need a dedicated IP address?
Most shared hosting accounts share the same IP. Why whould a user need a dedicated IP address for...
Views: 173
Article Do you create backup copies of the shared hosting accounts?
Yes, we do. Our Technical Team creates daily backup copies of all shared hosting accounts...
Views: 309
Article Do you provide remote access to MySQL for shared hosting packages?
Unfortunately remote access to MySQL and PostgreSQL is unavailable for shared hosting accounts...
Views: 443
Article Do you support FrontPage Extensions on your shared hosting servers?
Unfortunately we do not. However, if you choose a VPS or a dedicated server you will be able to...
Views: 385
Article Do you support PostgreSQL on your shared hosting servers?
Yes, we support PostgreSQL on our shared hosting servers.
Views: 387
Article Do you support rewrite_mode on your shared hosting servers?
Sure we do. We use Apache web-server on our shared hosting servers with enabled rewrite_mod and...
Views: 402
Article How can I connect to MySQL?
On our shared hosting carriers MySQL server is not accessible from outside the environment,...
Views: 104
Article How can I install a script via Softaculous?
Here are some instructions on how to install a script via Softaculous. 1. Login to your...
Views: 379
Article How can I restore the backup copy of a shared hosting account?
If you have a shared hosting account (except Newbie) you can restore the files and folders of...
Views: 413
Article How to connect to the server with the help of FileZilla program
FTP client named FileZilla allows to connect to a server via FTP and SFTP protocols. The last one...
Views: 208
Article I have a shared hosting account with you. What nameservers should I use?
IMPORTANT: if you have a VPS with - please refer to our article I have a VPS with...
Views: 1259
Article Shared hosting accounts transfer to SSD
We are initiating a transfer of existing accounts to new servers with SSD disks. If you agree on...
Views: 59
Article SSL certificate installation on WHM/cPanel
This manual applies to cPanel 11 control panel. If you use another panel version with your...
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Article Using FTP for file management
Each hosting account created on the server contains one default FTP account. In order to connect...
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Article What are your limits on the usage of system resources for shared hosting accounts?
You should use the MySQL database server resources in a way that does not endanger the quality of...
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Article What does error 504 mean (for a shared hosting account)?
In this article we are going to explain the reasons that may cause HTTP error 504 (Gateway...
Views: 412
Article What permissions should I set before uploading files to my shared hosting account?
Files should be uploaded with permissions 644 and directories with 755.If you upload files with...
Views: 416
Article What settings should I use for my mail client if I want to check mail hosted on your shared hosting servers?
The settings can be found at cPanel > Mail > Email Accounts > Actions > More >...
Views: 413
Article What versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP do you use on your shared hosting servers?
On our shared hosting servers we use:- Apache v2.4- We use MariaDB 5.6 instead of MySQL, and...
Views: 576
Article Where should I upload my files: to ‘www’ or to ‘public_html’?
You should use ‘public_html’ folder to upload files to the server. ‘www’ folder is a symbolic...
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