Blogging Tips: How to Increase Your Blog Popularity

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October 25, 2010

Social Media IconsMany blog owners consider their blogs to be a nice place to share some news and ideas on. Some of them, however, do not expect high number of visitors and keep posting articles for their friends and a limited number of loyal readers, while still hoping for higher traffic. If you check out some popular personal blogs you will see that despite the fact that not many of their owners work out some strategies, spend time on SEO and do much other work to get their websites promoted, they still get nice traffic. Their secret lies in the use of other promotion means, namely in promotion with the help of constant social activity. Thus, if you are interested in getting your blog socialized, keep reading to find the key tips.

Use Social Networks and Bookmarks

I believe you have an account on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, the more social media websites you are registered with, the better, that is why it’s recommended to register at such services as LinkedIn, Digg and Stumbleupon as well. However, Facebook and Twitter are going to be quite enough for a start. What you need to do is get your blog connected with those, to have all your latest news shared via links to your website. This will let your friends and followers know about any updates on your blog and they will no longer need to check it out for new articles – all of them will be announced via their social network profile. Currently there are many social bookmarking addons for different blogs. If we take a look at those for WordPress – we will find a lot of them:

Facebook & Twitter WP Plugin Search

Facebook & Twitter WP Plugin Search

Popular Social Bookmarks

Popular Social Bookmarks

You are not supposed to use many of them, of course – just add a standard sharing tool for the most popular sharing options and a couple of special ones – namely for Facebook and Twitter. Apart from letting you share your blog articles, those bookmarks will help you a lot with getting the updates spread. Even if you are not registered at some bookmarking service, those who are can share links to your posts drawing their friends’ attention to your website. Thus, next time you publish another article, get it tweeted and shared via Facebook and simply enjoy a greater number of hits.

Become an Active Commentator

Social activity usually involves a blogger into living interactive discussions. Active bloggers always take care of all their comments to be left replied trying to keep the conversation live and intriguing. The most active ones browse around other blogs looking for interesting articles and posting their comments. Apart from the joy of communication such way of promotion is very beneficial since you provide your website name, which gets anchored to your display name. Some blog owners install helpful plug-ins that track your blog and pick the latest article from it. The title of the article with a hyperlink to the source URL is pinned to your comment, making it look catchy.

A CommentLuv Blog Comment Plugin

A CommentLuv Blog Comment Plugin

The comments should be useful and related to the topic, of course. Therefore it is always advisable to comment on those articles, which niche you deal with.

Submit Guest Posts

If you have many interesting ideas to share, but not all of them are connected with topics, revealed and discussed at your own blog, you can submit those at relevant blogs that accept guest posts. Guest blogging is a common activity for many bloggers, who wish to share their views beyond their home websites and get the latter promoted and socialized. But what makes those guest blogs so special? First of all, they let you reach new wider audience and draw their attention to your own website. Additionally, if you publish interesting up-to-date content, you can raise a discussion, which may let you find new readers and social network contacts. Since guest blog owners are tolerant to link sharing, they welcome you to leave a couple of back links to your website and Facebook and (or) Twitter. Some of them even place those links as “dofollow” ones, what makes you more visible for the search engines.

If you are keen on blogging and interactive communication – you will definitely like this way of promotion. Just keep the key steps in mind and always do it in the most interesting and convenient way for you. Then such socialization manner will bring you not only profit, but also much fun and positive emotions.

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