Verisign Announces Price Increase On .COM/.NET Domains

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June 29, 2010

Most of you are likely to have already heard something about Verisign planning to increase fees for .com and .net domain registration. New fees are to come into force on July, 1 2010 and are going to make 7% increase for .com domain registration and 10% increase for .net domains. The official announcement was published by Verisign a half a year ago – on the 17th of December, 2009 – but it seems to come into consumers’ concern only now.

Impact And Reaction

Though Verisign is not a domain registrar, they managed to prompt global price increase among their investors, sponsoring registrars and their resellers. However, if the prices announced by Verisign are expected to be $7.34 for .com domains and $4.65 for names with .net TLD, some domain name registrars have already sent .com/.net prices up to $15.

There is, however, some good news. Some companies started newsletter delivery with an offer to renew domain names registration for the old price and introduced discounts for new domain registrations. Such discounts are going to reduce the cost to even a smaller rate, than the current cost of the domain.\

Beside this, the price increase did not cause the chain reaction, so the price for other TLDs is not going to be changed. This means that anyone will be able to register domain names with different extensions for a lesser price.

What about SiteValley prices for domain registrations?

We at have officially decided to keep our fees on the current level, so the .net/.com price is going to stay $12 as it was. Additionally, we are not going to cut any plans of free domains provision. If you are intended to get a stable and reliable hosting solution, you should definitely take a look at our Shared Hosting plans, any of which comes with a free domain, including .com and .net extensions.

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