SiteValley Launches Official Facebook Page

posted by Archie @ 7:36 AM
August 18, 2010

Summer brings more time and space for fun, so we at Sitevalley decided to spend some time on creating additional space for us and our customers to have fun. As a result, we welcome you at our official Facebook page. Follow our most recent events; take part in serious and funny discussions; meet fellow bloggers and forum runners; find new business partners and clients.


The page is only being developed now, so we would like you to leave your feedback on what sections you would like to see there. If you are an existing customer, you should definitely have something to say, after those weeks, months or years you’ve been with us. If you are only looking into purchasing a hosting account, you may have some questions, and our Facebook page is the great channel to communicate with us directly.

Meet Our Team

If you used to know us by signatures and discuss only support issues, you are going to have a perfect chance to have a less formal conversation with us. We are open for any dialogues and discussions. You can PM us for something personal or start topics to involve both us and other fans into a discussion.

Share Your Moods and Knowledge

Do you like posting on walls? Well, we do, so you are welcome to post links and videos you would like to share. We are sometimes asked for an example of a site, built via this or that script. Our privacy policy, however, does not allow us to share such information. You on the other hand, as a site owner can do that freely, so if you are fine with it – feel free to post a link to your site. Apart from letting the others know what particular software can be used for site building, you may expect attract new visitors, new clients and more traffic.


The word “fan” is one letter away from “fun”. Being SiteValley fan is having a lot of fun. Await promos, quizzes and contests and get ready to them – everyone is invited – take part and win some very cool prizes.

Live your life in SiteValley style – we give home for your websites, while your website is a home for your ideas. Join us to share your ideas and learn something new from your fellow-fans, bring your friends and relatives with you. World of hosting is not only coding, debugging and optimization – everyone who owns a website becomes a part of the Internet – a part of a system and already a culture of the new generation. What would it be, if everyone suddenly quit? We at SiteValley are striving for making the Internet a better place. If you share our beliefs, let us do that together.

SiteValley Facebook page – where our fans live.