Domain Reselling as an Element of Reseller Hosting Business

posted by Archie @ 14:44 PM
September 1, 2010

You probably remember our articles on how to pick a platform for reseller hosting business and Reseller billing software comparison. As we continue the series of useful articles for resellers, the next thing we are going to talk about is domain reselling.

What Does It Work For?

Domain reselling business is to some extent easier to run than hosting reselling, and because of this many people choose to conduct this business. The advantage is obvious – unlike a hosting reseller, you don’t need to administer anything but the name servers (in most cases only once – after the domain purchase) and you are not supposed to resolve any technical problems, as there can hardly be any. What you need to do is just watch them being updated on time.

Taking into account the latest trends of services unification, it becomes understandable that in order to attract more customers a company should provide a range of services. Thus, to become a successful professional hosting reseller you also need to provide domain reselling. Your clients will be really glad to realize that they can pay for several services using one client area. Additionally, this will make things easier for both you and them in terms of support – you will be able to manage your customers’ domains.

How It Works?

Domain reselling is a special service, offered by domain registrars. The idea of this service is to increase the domain sales by attracting new registrants not directly, but through a reseller. This idea became very popular since domain reselling is more profitable for both the registrar and the reseller, than an affiliate program, which is not that easy to manage, considering the amount of domains sold annually.

Being resellers, registrants are able to control all their resold domains under their own accounts and to set custom prices. Branding is allowed as well. Branding option may be useful, if a simple reseller wants to become a featured one or even a domain investor. Usually, domain resellers choose a range of TLDs they are going to offer. Usually, the so-called popular TLDs: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ. Domains with such TLDs used to have a floating price on the market and considering the discounts, the registrars provide their resellers with, the latter can make a good profit out of it. Additionally, being a domain reseller, a hosting reseller can make such marketing moves as free domain provision for the top hosting plan.


Reselling is a nice small business solution for those who do not have their own platform to start an own independent company. Such business, however, is a perfect launch pad, so it should be organized so, that it would look professional. We hope, that tips we publish will help you with improvement of your business. Next time we are going to bring out more ideas on how to improve your reseller business, as it may grow into a standalone company one day.