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posted by Archie @ 21:28 PM
March 14, 2011

SVHostingBlog.comWe are back with you with our brand new blog, which is now designed in a more responsive and reader-oriented manner. We hope you like the way it looks, but it’s not just the outlook that changed. Below you will find some information on our SVHostingBlog 2.0. Consider it both a case study of the past months and a brief tour around our new blog since for now you will find more reasons to browse it.

Getting Recognized

One of the major ideas we kept while working on redesign was brand awareness. Meeting readers who didn’t know that we offer web hosting services and communicating with clients, who never guessed SiteValley runs its own blog, we decided to make our blog look more close to our business – now we’ve got design that makes us recognizable and the navigation block to make the search around our main web-site easier.

This is, however, not just it. We decided to thank our readers and created a 20% discount for those our visitors, who like blogging and looking for a reliable hosting solution. If you are eager to run your own blog and don’t know what to start with – visit our Blog Hosting page and signup with coupon “svblog” to enjoy the instant 20% off your hosting bill.

Becoming Social

Improved Twitter activity, new Facebook fans – why not share our success with you? Share your news and success stories, too. Share, discuss and involve even more people spreading your word across the web.

We are also open for discussions on our blog content and organization – just share your opinion in the survey box, delivered by a great widget by KissInsights and we will consider your suggestions. We do value our readers’ opinions so please spend a couple of seconds after reading this article to leave it. Of course, we are going to change the survey questions from time to time to get the clearer picture of what you think of us so please stay in touch.

More Dialogue

The latest research we ran and those hours of moderation spent monthly on traditional Word-Press comments made us switch to an awesome commenting tool called Disqus that is going to be used at our blog for now. Now you don’t need to register or leave your full name and email – just login with your Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or OpenID and share your thoughts.

Apart from commenting simplicity you will also feel how easy it became to communicate with other commentators and attract people from other resources to take part in discussion. For instance, having logged in with your Twitter account you can easily make your comment a Twitter mention.

Topics and Categories

Those are going to be expanded, too. Our former articles on blogging prompted an idea to create a special category of Blogging Tips where we are going to deliver more details on how to make you blog look and run better. Apart from those, more articles on software and web-technologies are expected. Again, you will be able to share your ideas on what and in which niche should be published.

Additionally, we decided to make some room for guest posts. We are going to accept those monthly within the framework of a “Special Guest” rubric. Since SVHostingBlog is still a corporate blog, we are not going to publish many of them – mostly useful and interesting posts by great webmasters, Internet marketers and so on.

Before You Close the Tab

Thank you for being with us, no matter if you just joined us or have already been a dedicated reader for months. We hope you like what we are doing there and that our articles are useful for you and your business. If you have any questions or want to share something right ahead – feel free to leave your comment below – we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Affiliate MarketingWe are back to the topic of affiliate marketing and today we are going to tell you what a perfect affiliate should look like. While running your own web hosting business you may need to involve different marketing tools for promotion of your company. If you involve affiliate marketing, you will need to work out an affiliate program that would look and actually be fair and interesting for people to start referring customers to you. The main interest is about the commissions, of course and you surely understand that they can’t be too high – otherwise you will hardly get any return. Still, the conditions of your program should attract your potential partners, so you are most likely to offer performance rewards or monthly commission raise after they bring you a certain number of referrals.

These measures are definitely going to work – you will start receiving affiliate program signup requests as soon as you announce your program and its conditions. If you are too open for partnership so you don’t even check and filter requests, you will get a great number of partners, but their performance may disappoint you. If you pick your affiliates and manage your program carefully you will later understand that some of your affiliates are worth being provided with higher commissions, sometimes, right from the start. Here’s who you should look for.

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posted by Archie @ 12:03 PM
February 7, 2011

A week ago Ubuntu Mini Remix announced their new release of Ubuntu 10.10 livecd.  That’s the fourth release of Ubuntu with minimal software set delivered by UMR, who seem to think different of this operating system. Those who consider Ubuntu to be an OS-in-a-box will be surprised by simplicity of its minimized installation medium. But will they actually like it?

We would have never intended to discuss that if we hadn’t installed an Ubuntu-based VPS recently. We at do not receive such orders frequently – installing Ubuntu on the server requires many tweaks and disables the use of automating control panels, such as DirectAdmin or cPanel, which means more manual technical work for the customer. Generally, Ubuntu is not actually a true server distro – this OS is known as a perfect desktop solution – however, if the user is good at a certain OS specifically, it’s reasonable to let them work with it…

This very question of reasonability has actually fired up a discussion on whether Ubuntu Mini is going to be in demand. The ideas below are summary of this discussion that we are going to share with you.

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posted by Archie @ 21:40 PM
January 28, 2011

justice scaleWe are back to the topic of cloud hosting. The latest article we published on it was dedicated to two cloud hosting platforms we compared – a standalone server with CloudLinux OS installed and a cloud, based on several VPS-nodes. Since we analyzed both platforms from the point of view of shared hosting, it is now time to take a closer look at what cloud-based shared hosting actually is like.

The main concern there is about resource delegation – those who use shared hosting, know that providers of shared hosting services usually limit server resource usage softly – they announce the limitations in their Acceptable Usage Policy or any other document, that regulates service operation, which means that anytime the user abuses the server by exceeding the limits and overloading the server, they can suspend the account. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pirate BayThere’s been much rumor during past four days regarding The Pirate Bay getting ready to launch The Music Bay – their new peer-to-peer music sharing project. So far there’s only a domain name – – registered and currently being redirected to, but their intensions are really serious. It’s hard to keep from quoting the opinion, The Pirate Bay insider shared with the blog: “The music industry can’t even imagine what we’re planning to roll out in the coming months. For years they’ve complained bitterly about piracy, but if they ever had a reason to be scared it is now. It will be a special surprise for IFPI’s 78th birthday, and we’re thinking of organizing a huge festival in Rome where IFPI was founded.” Read the rest of this entry »