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Article What is a VPS?
VPS (virtual private server or virtual dedicated server (VDS) - is a part of a physical server...
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Article How much CPU resources can be used on each VPS package?
Our technical team constantly monitors the load of the physical carriers and manages it in such...
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Article Can I use SFTP?
Sure you can, since you have SSH access to the server.
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Article How can I test the data transfer rate for your servers?
You can test the download speed by using the following links:...
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Article What is the difference between Unmanaged and Managed VPSs?
There are two types of VPS hosting that we offer – Unmanaged and Managed. Unmanaged VPS...
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Article Can I get more dedicated IPs for a VPS? How much does it cost?
Yes, you can order up to 15 additional IP addresses however if you need more than 7 IP...
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Article What are the network speed limits of your VPSs and dedicated servers?
For our VPSs the network speed limits vary from 25 Mbit/s to 50 Mbit/s. For more information...
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Article Can I order a control panel for a VPS later?
Yes, you can order a control panel anyime. The cost of the VPS will be prorated....
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Article What hardware do you run your VPSs on?
Our VPSs are run on the following hardware: Intel Xeon dual E5606; RAM: 24GB DDR3; HDD: 1TB...
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Article What is guaranteed RAM, burstable memory, vSWAP and SWAP?
Guaranteed RAM is the RAM size which is exclusively allocated to a VPS and can be used whenever...
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Article How can I login to my hosting control panel?
Shared hosting users have access to cPanel control panel. The login details for SolusVM...
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Article What control panels do you offer for your VPSs?
We provide the following control panels: WHM&cPanel - available with CentOS OS. WHM is...
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Article Can I access a Remote Desktop on the VPS?
On default our company provides access to the VPS only by means of SSH protocol (Secure...
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Article How can I change root password?
Root access gives you full rights to your server management. In case root password is lost...
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Article Do you backup my VPS?
We make weekly copies of virtual servers only for technical reasons. We can provide it on...
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Article How to add PTR record?
You can add PTR record for a VPS in SolusVM panel. In SolusVM, press Manage button...
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Article What is SolusVM panel?
SolusVM (Solus Virtual Manager) – is a VPS management system with grapical interface. With...
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Article What OSs do you support on your VPSs?
We support the following operating systems: For OpenVZ VPSs: For Xen VPSs:...
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Article What types of virtualization do you use?
We use cheap VPS with XEN and OpenVZ virtualization technologies. Xen is a technology which...
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Article What is Full VPS Management?
VPS administration requires enhanced technical skills and can be quite time consuming. If you...
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Article How to connect to a VPS via SSH?
SSH is the default connection method we offer for our VPS.  To connect via SSH to...
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Article Can you help me to install and configure some software?
We can help you with basic troubleshooting. To install and configure software it takes more...
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