Can you help me to install and configure some software?

We can help you with basic troubleshooting. To install and configure software it takes more time. That is why such service is not provided for free, but costs $15.00 per hour of works. Minimal order time is 20 minutes ($5). You can order the service whenever you need and unlimited number of times.
Before you make a task, please make sure that the software you need is compatible with the operating system and a control panel on your VPS, and that there are enough resources for this software normal operation.

  1. Make a detailed technical specification for our specialists with a detailed description of what should be done. We will need root access to your server, so include it in the ticket.
  2. Our technical experts will evaluate the scope of work and the time needed for its completion, and reply to the ticket. 
  3. Let us know if you agree to the price, and our technical experts will go ahead with the work.
  4. Then you revise and confirm that we did well. If you have any remarks or objections, please let us know, and we will handle those issues. 
  5. After you confirm that the works are done, we will issue an invoice.
You can also consider different management options we offer if you ordered one of our cheap VPS plans.
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