What is the difference between Unmanaged and Managed VPSs?

There are two types of VPS hosting that we offer – Unmanaged and Managed.

Unmanaged VPS hosting plan has been specially designed for experienced users who can administer their VPS(s) without any assistance. There is no free support included for the holders of Unmanaged VPSs.

The Managed VPS hosting plans include the following services:

  • Server reboot (per customer’s request)
  • Server resetup (per customer’s request)
  • cPanel/DirectAdmin one-time installation (if the license is ordered with
  • Basic technical support / troubleshooting (per customer’s request)
  • Software installation (from standard repositories) (per customer’s request)
  • Software update (from standard repositories) (per customer’s request)

If the services which belong under the Managed VPS hosting plan are not sufficient for your needs, you should consider “Full VPS Management”. It costs $40/month and can be ordered only with cPanel/DirectAdmin control panels. Read more about this service in What is Full VPS Management?

Also, if you don’t need advanced technical help on a regular basis, you can always order one-time technical assistance ($5/20 minutes).

Decided what type of management you prefer? Take a look at our cheap Linux VPS hosting. You can order a specific management option for any VPS  we offer according to the requirements above.

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