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Articles in “Characteristics and Limitations”

Article Do you allow adult content?
Yes we do (as long as all the models are of legal age and no animals are engaged). We have...
Views: 1078
Article Are there any restrictions on a VPS?
Yes, there are. The following actions are prohibited: Modifying the running...
Views: 566
Article Do you allow file sharing websites (like Rapidshare, zshare, etc.)?
Public exchange sites offer their visitors to upload and download content which is...
Views: 542
Article Do you allow SHOUTcast?
SHOUTcast is allowed for VPSs and dedicated servers only.
Views: 511
Article Do you allow creating torrent tracker?
Running of torrent trackers is allowed only on VPS in Atlanta data center. Kindly take into...
Views: 514
Article Can I host warez sites with your company?
Warez is strictly forbidden by our Acceptable Use Policy (8. Prohibited activities). The...
Views: 547
Article Can I host streaming video on your shared hosting?
Yes you can however certain limits apply. According to our Acceptable Use Policy, paragraph...
Views: 635
Article What happens in case I exceed some limit or violate one of your policy statements?
Each case is considered separately and depending on the circumstances, you will either...
Views: 529
Article Can I edit httpd.conf file?
You can edit it on your dedicated server or VPS where you have root rights and privileges.
Views: 530
Article Do you provide HDD, server and datacenter redundancy for shared hosting plans, VPSs and dedicated servers?
We do not provide server redundancy and datacenter redundancy, and only software RAID1 is...
Views: 427
Article Can I host a website created on
Unfortunately it cannot be done. pages can be run on OS Windows only and all our...
Views: 493
Article Do you allow SSH access?
Yes we do. SSH access is provided for VPSs, shared hosting and dedicated servers. SSH login...
Views: 644
Article Do you support third party scripts?
According to our Acceptable Use Policy, you can add and use third party software on your...
Views: 485
Article Are there any mail restrictions?
In our email policy, we expect our customers to follow the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and all...
Views: 210
Article What are the content restrictions on VPS, shared hosting or a dedicated server?
We have included some of the most requested content that is prohibited on our servers. For the...
Views: 273


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