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Articles in “Affiliate FAQ”

Article How does your affiliate program work?
Our affiliate program allows you to make money by referring other customers to our website....
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Article Can I become an affiliate without being your customer?
Yes, we do not require you to be our customer in order to promote our services.
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Article Do you allow self-referrals?
No, self-referrals are not allowed. If we detect that you refer yourself, we will be forced...
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Article How soon do you add commision to the account?
The comission is added to the account 60 days after the sale.
Views: 946
Article What is the minimum payout?
The minimum payout with our system is $100.
Views: 800
Article What payout methods to you offer?
We offer PayPal and WebMoney payouts.
Views: 680
Article Can I use a coupon and still receive my affiliate commission?
Yes, you can use our promo codes to attract new referrals.
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Article How do I track my referrals?
You can find the list of your referrals as well as the number of referred visitors, number...
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Article Who is a qualified referral?
A qualified referral is the one that has been using our services for more than 30 days...
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Article For how long do your cookies work?
Our cookies work for 60 days.
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Article How often are the statistics updated?
The statistics update in real time.
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Article Can I add several affiliate banners to my websites?
Sure, you can do that and use any other promotional method as long as it is legal.
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Article Can I send spam to promote your services?
No, it is strictly forbidden. If we receive spam reports we will have to close the...
Views: 841
Article Can I get bigger referral rates?
Extra payouts are available for large-scale affiliates. Please email us at...
Views: 772
Article I need a custom promo tool to efficiently promote your services. What should I do?
Please feel free to send your suggestions at We would be glad to...
Views: 800
Article How can I cancel my affiliate account?
If you decide to cancel your affiliate account please send your cancellation request at...
Views: 806
Article Can I reffer people to specific pages of your site?
Yes, you can send visitors to specific pages of To do this, you need to add...
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